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            Date Published:2019-11-28author:Haiqingxin (Shenzhen) Purification Technology

            What are the differences between RO membrane and ultrafiltration membrane, and what are their characteristics and application scope? What are the differences between RO membrane and ultrafiltration membrane, and what are their characteristics and application scope? In August 2018, in the beginning of autumn, autumn rain dampened the heat of the hot summer, and Dongguan, China ushered in a grand event - the launching conference of Haiqing new co creation platform! Customers from all over the country are attracted by Haiqing's new "new products, new models and new wealth". Visit Haiqing's new factory and have a look! On August 11, the kick-off meeting of Haiqing new co creation platform was opened by lion dance program with national characteristics. Mr. Wang Xuejian, general manager of Haiqing new co creation platform, delivered a speech for the kick-off ceremony. Under the introduction of Mr. Wang, the guests went to Haiqing to learn about Haiqing.

            Export quality purification expert

            Haiqingxin has seven companies and factories in China, including 36000 square meters of modern production base in Dongguan, standardized dust-free workshop, professional precision production and testing equipment, advanced laboratory, and electronic parts workshop, injection molding workshop, mold workshop, etc., with a number of fully automatic semi-automatic assembly lines, with an annual output of more than one million sets. The hundred mu science and Technology Industrial Park under construction will be put into production gradually in the next three years. Strong production strength has laid a solid foundation for Haiqing's new brand to be internationally renowned. Haiqing has obtained a number of domestic and international certifications and patents, and its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world!

            Haiqingxin - an expert who has been committed to purifying water and air!

            Haiqing has made continuous breakthroughs and innovations, promoted national brands as its own task, upgraded its brand-new image, and signed a contract with famous film and television star Sun Xi as the brand spokesperson. In the future, Sunxi and Haiqing will bring new intelligent Internet of things purification products to Chinese families!

            Ms. Liang Shangyin, general manager of China direct drinking water, also specially arrived at the site of Haiqing new kick-off meeting and delivered a speech for Haiqing new co creation platform. In the future, China's direct drinking water will cooperate with Haiqing new in depth. President Liang also said that we must bring Haiqing's good products, models and projects to more entrepreneurs!

            At the launch meeting of Haiqing new co creation platform, Zhu Xiaomeng, general manager of marketing, launched four new series and eight new products: Internet of things intelligent water purifier, air purifier and sweeping robot series products, which are independently developed by Haiqing to connect the products with mobile phones; users can clearly view the products by scanning the body QR code and binding the products with mobile phones Filter elements at all levels are effective in principle and filtering effect; TDS value is accurately displayed on the mobile terminal, Haiqing new's powerful technical support, real-time online monitoring and data analysis; filter element service life is monitored by background data, according to different use conditions, accurately push reminders to replace filter elements, and make an appointment with the after-sales service center through one button appointment on the mobile phone, so that every user can really Feeling the health and convenience brought by intelligence. Health products series, Haiqing has created a new and rich product line, adding Anhua black tea series and original imported red wine series.


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