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            Date Published:2019-11-28author:Haiqingxin (Shenzhen) Purification Technology

            In August 2018, in the autumn season, the fall of the rain dilutes the heat of the scorching heat, and Dongguan, China ushered in a grand event-the launch of the Haixin Qingchuang platform! Customers from all over the country were attracted by Haixin's "new products, new models, new wealth". On August 11, the launch conference of the Haixin Fresh Co-creation Platform was opened by a lion dance show with national characteristics ~ Mr. Wang Xuejian, the general manager of Haixin, delivered a speech for the launching ceremony. Under the introduction of President Wang, the guests walked in Knowing the sea is fresh.

            Export Quality Purification Expert

            Haixin has seven companies and factories in the country, of which Dongguan's modern production base covers an area of 36,000 square meters. It has standardized dust-free workshops, professional precision production testing equipment, advanced laboratories, and electronic parts workshops, injection molding workshops, mold workshops, etc. , Multiple automatic semi-automatic assembly lines, with an annual output of more than one million units. The 100-acre science and technology industrial park under preparation will gradually come into operation in the next three years. The strong production strength has laid a solid foundation for the Haixin brand's international reputation. Haixin has obtained many domestic and international certifications and patents, and its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world!

            The sea is fresh-an expert who has been committed to purifying water and air!

            Haixin keeps making breakthroughs and innovations, taking the promotion of national brands as its task, upgrading its brand image, and signing the famous movie star Sun Qian as the brand spokesperson. In the future, Sun Qian and Haixin will bring new smart IoT purification products to Chinese families!

            Ms. Liang Shangyin, the general manager of "China's Direct Drinking Water" also made a special rush to the scene of the Haixin Fresh Startup and gave a speech to help Haixin create the platform together. In the future, "China's Direct Drinking Water" will cooperate deeply with Haixin, and President Liang also said that he must bring good products, models and projects to Haixin to more entrepreneurs!

            The launch of the Haixin Qingchuang platform was held at the conference. Zhu Xiaomeng, the general manager of marketing, released eight new products in four new series: the Internet of Things smart water purifier, air purifier, and sweeping robot series. Haixin independently developed application software. The product is connected to the mobile phone; users can scan the QR code of the fuselage to bind the product, and the mobile phone can clearly see the filter element's principle and filtering effect at all levels; the accurate display of the TDS value on the mobile terminal, Haixin's strong technical support, Real-time online monitoring and data analysis; filter cartridge life is monitored by background data, according to different usage conditions, accurate reminders are sent to remind you to replace the filter cartridge, and you can make an appointment with the after-sales service center to make a replacement by one-click appointment on the mobile phone, so that each user can truly feel The health and convenience that intelligence brings to life. Health product series, the sea fresh to create a rich product line, adding Anhua black tea series, imported wine series.

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